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The Oscar Effect.

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According to a study by the University of Colgate, a first time Oscar winning actor can expect to earn $4million more for their next film.

Indeed, on average, the 34cm tall fake-gold statuette, which costs just a handful of dollars to produce, boosts a recipient’s earnings by 20%.

Another study, by Stanford University, highlights that a one Michelin star restaurant increases their prices by 14.8%, two stars by 55.1% and, for those rare few that achieve three stars, increase their prices by 80.2%.

Last week, we announced the Gold winners and the Excellent rated estate and lettings agencies, in the Best Estate Agent Guide Awards.

Only the top 20% make it into the Guide, and less than 2% go on to win a Gold Award.

But there’s more to winning than the ability to raise prices, to hold firm on fees – indeed much more.

Oscar winning actors don’t need to tout themselves for their next role – the casting agents beat a path to their door.

Michelin star restaurants don’t need to spend anything on marketing – the Michelin Guide generates more customers than they can cater for.

Best Estate Agent Guide Award winners confirm that their market share increases, as well as their average fee.

And it gets better…

Best Estate Agent Guide Award winners also benefit from:

Improved morale and team spirit – “that winning feeling”
Increased number of unsolicited job applications – people want to work for winners
The confidence boost from being able to show to sellers and landlords that you have been independently assessed, against every estate agent in the country, by the most rigorous and demanding criteria, to be the best, not some boastful claim, but an independent endorsement of your position in the industry.

You can find out if you’re going to have the Oscar Effect here: Best Estate Agent Guide Awards.

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