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Top Gun.

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It’s a contender for “Cheesiest film of the 80’s” – and there’s serious competition to the original Top Gun for that accolade.

I doubt however, that any film in this decade will get anywhere close to Top Gun:Maverick – it’s like a strong emmental on top of a burger, a runny brie with grapes, or a quattro formaggi pizza. It should come with a “Dairy Intolerant” warning: there’s that much cheese.

But I loved it, and here’s three of many lessons I took from it.

1. The camaraderie. Every great team I’ve ever worked with has that. And without wishing to spoil it for those who haven’t seen the film yet, there’s a moment that highlights why the value of investing in downtime is repaid 100X over in the workplace.

2. The juxtapose of past and present. The film highlights how despite massive advances in technology, there’s still a place for human intervention, skill and above all passion. To scale and grow a profitable business, tech has to be deployed today – it’s just not possible to deliver a high volume, high standard service without it. But, remove all humanity at your peril.

OK, “what about Amazon?” you might say, so yes, maybe there’s a few exceptions, but as a general rule it’s tech first, then amazing people with a fantastic culture, delivering on top of the tech, that gets the results.

3. “Don’t think, Do it.” You’ll have to see the film to fully get this, but in simple terms, there’s too much “analysis paralysis” going on right now. People are asking: “Will we go into recession? Is Covid going to come back? When will the war end?” and many other questions that no one knows the answers to.

And anyway, regardless of the answers, can you afford to wait and see?

Sometimes, to quote the title of one of Branson’s books, you’ve got to: “Screw it, Let’s do it.”

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