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A single strategy.

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We took Alistair Campbell’s process from his book ‘Winners’ and added to it to create our POST model:


Note that only Tactics are pluralised – we believe there should only be one Purpose, one Objective, and one Strategy.

Right now, we’re seeing a lot of businesses confusing Strategy and Tactics… and that can be very dangerous, particularly as markets change.

Purpose is your ‘Why’ – the best are infinite, or at least lifelong.

Objective is typically 1-3 years, it’s the current goal, the desired result.

Strategy should align with your objective – and should be consistent, the best tend to outlive countless objectives.

Tactics can change as frequently as necessary.

Let me give you an example to illustrate.

An estate agent might have the purpose to enable people to move on with their lives.

Their objective could be to complete on 500 transactions in the next 12 months.

The strategy might be to focus on one sector, (e.g. family homes, or a distinct geography perhaps), or better, to stand for something that truly resonates, such as the finest marketing, or a truly personal approach, (but of course, these things need to be defined by actions and behaviours, not just words).

Then there can be numerous tactics – social media campaigns, community champion events, inclusive fees e.g. conveyancing included… and many, many more.

Sometimes a tactic won’t work as well as you hoped for, or it might fail completely, but that shouldn’t cause the strategy to be changed.

The best strategies will work in every market – it’s the tactics that need to be adjusted for the changing conditions.

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