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Not for Profit.

Four i 428 Not For Profit

Last week, at one of our Leadership Group* meetings, a member posed a question about a new service she was considering introducing.

Using our tried and tested diagnostic process, it became very clear that this new initiative would require:

  • Significant capital
  • Considerable executive time, in particular identifying and recruiting the right leader and team
  • A high level of compliance due to the amount of regulatory issues

It was also identified that the likely return on investment from the new service would be low margin/no margin.

The idea was destined to be spiked, not even filed in “Not Doing Now” but in the “Never Doing Now” folder, it looked like a non-starter.

But the decision was taken to pursue it – and several others in that Group will be doing so as well.


Because of three key factors:

  1. The new service is something customers really need and want – not just now, but forever… the problems it solves are ongoing.
  2. The initiative creates the opportunity for regular contact and dialogue with customers who otherwise are difficult to engage with.
  3. There’s huge potential to create hundreds of positive, 5* reviews, and general goodwill in the local community and with future prospects.

You’re probably familiar with the expression: “No Profit, No Purpose.”

I believe that idea to be flawed.

Of course, it’s ultimately true – but does it always have to apply?

Can/should you be doing things that don’t make you a profit because they’re the right things to do?

I believe so, indeed much of what we do, including this weekly blog, (now in its sixth year), is produced for free.

Not for profit, but for purpose.

*We have a few membership places available in some of our Leadership Groups – if you’d like to find out if you’re suitable for membership then please get in touch.

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