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FBI Revisited.

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We developed the “Fantastic Big Idea” (FBI) concept over two decades ago, and it’s become a staple tool for our members to help them really get to grips with their purpose and how to make sure it properly connects their team and customers.

It also serves to highlight how a brand is built from the inside out, and not via communications alone.

Many people believe that a brand can be changed, enhanced, developed via external communications. They’re wrong.

Great advertising and promotion can help a strong brand become better known – it can also help poor products and services to fail faster.

A brand is mainly built on ever improving products and services. And in order for that to happen, the internal communications of an organisation need to be focused around an FBI that appeals equally to the team, customers and investors.

Let me give you an example that you’ll be familiar with: NIKE

NIKE has produced some of the best advertisements of all time. But the ads don’t make the brand what it is, they merely amplify it.

NIKE brand is primarily built on ever improving products and services. These are developed by the whole company focusing their time and effort around their FBI – “Winning”.

NIKE understands that its customers are competitive, wish to improve, and be the best that they can be. Whether you’re Mo Farah competing at the Olympics, or one of thousands on a park run at the weekend, the desire to achieve a PB or beat a certain time, be that sub 20 minutes or 40, is really strong for the NIKE target audience.

Take another example: The National Trust

The National Trust’s FBI is truly brilliant: “Places, for people, forever”.

It has huge appeal, equally, to the team, (who are mostly volunteers, working for free because the FBI deeply resonates), customers, (members who not only pay their fees but make additional voluntary donations, including for many a bequest in their will), and investors, (be that government, corporate donors or private individuals).

And how about these:

Disney: Fun
Virgin: Iconoclasm
BBC: Authoritative
John Lewis: A better capitalism
Property Academy: Fulfilling potential

Many of the brands we love have at their core a truly great FBI – what’s yours?

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