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A New Dawn.

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Whilst others referred to the pandemic period as “The New Normal”, I refused to accept that was the case, and instead labelled it: “The Awkward Bit in the Middle” (between the Old and the Next Normal).

Now though, I feel it’s the time of a New Dawn; for three main reasons.

1. Accelerated Change

Change is constant, but the pace of it changes, and most significantly after major events.

I cite the roaring twenties, and the baby boom following the two world wars as obvious examples.

Whilst we haven’t had WW3, (yet?), add together Brexit, Covid and the war in Ukraine, and it’s as close as most of us have experienced to an event of that scale.

Our brilliant Marketing Advisor, Grant LeBoff, spoke with our members after the first lockdown and stated: “Covid19 has changed nothing….it’s accelerated everything.” I agreed with that statement at the time, but now feel we’re at the dawn of significant, accelerated change.

2. Scarcity

In the Socratic dialogue ‘Republic’, Plato famously wrote: “our need will be the real creator”, which morphed into the English proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention”.

My belief is that “Scarcity is the mother of creativity”.

You might retort: “same meat, different gravy” – but I think there’s a difference.

Scarcity of resources requires us to adapt very quickly. If we can’t get wheat, petrol, cooking oil, etc., we haven’t the time to invent something, we need to adapt in the moment – and hence we become much more creative. Abundance can lead to lethargy, scarcity the opposite. Ideas that might have been pooh-poohed before will now be re examined.

I’m seeing more new initiatives than at any time in my career.

3. Brave resilience

My Mum was born during the war years and whilst too young to experience it directly, nonetheless felt all the after effects of rationing, national service etc. I mention this as her generation developed a resilience that has diminished over the last 80 years but is now rekindled I feel.

My contention is the current younger generations will realise that life is uncertain, that any sense of entitlement will be replaced by the realisation that they have to take responsibility for their future, and that this requires them to be bold and brave, whilst remaining resilient to, and addressing the challenges of, the here and now.

These three factors are all significant drivers, but added together they are transformational.
That’s why the theme for this year’s EA Masters is “A New Dawn” – you can learn more about it here

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