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I take my own medicine.

Each month, I meet with several business owners in a Group that’s chaired and facilitated on a similar basis to Property Academy Leadership Groups.

One of the members, Angela Hunt, is a former nurse who runs a business in the healthcare sector.

Of all the people I know, her knowledge of mental health, emotional health and workplace issues is second to none. Last Friday, she asked a great question when another member cited “burnout” as their current people issue:

“Is your team suffering from burnout or rust-out?”

According to mental health UK, burnout can be defined as:

“A state of physical and emotional exhaustion. It can occur when you experience long-term stress in your job, or when you have worked in a physically or emotionally draining role for a long time.”

According to Angela Hunt, rust-out can be defined as:

“Becoming braindead doing the same things, over and over again, with little or no variety, challenge, or working aimlessly without purpose.”

I suggest that rust-out is at least as prevalent in businesses today as burnout, indeed I’ll stick my neck out and say it’s a bigger issue in many firms.

People need to be challenged, set new goals, to have the opportunity to contribute, collaborate and make a difference.

And yet, for far too many, their experience is akin to Groundhog Day.

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