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Humble, Hungry and Curious.

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I’m grateful to Michael Nettleton, (long time Property Academy member, MD of Nock Deighton estate agency, and founder of Agent Response PropTech), for sharing with me another interpretation of the Four Rooms model I discussed in last week’s four-i.

I’ve adapted it further, (as left), to make the point of how leadership styles often change with market conditions – but they don’t have to, indeed they shouldn’t.

Of the many business leaders I’ve worked with over 40 years, the very best are, at all times, both humble and hungry.

I’ve discussed humility many times before, building on the “category 5” leadership characteristics highlighted by Jim Collins in ‘Good to Great’, but today will focus on the importance of remaining permanently hungry.

In a start -up phase, the typical leader has a huge appetite. This often diminishes as profit and growth goals are achieved. The situation is compounded by a reduction in propensity for risk, (leaders prioritise hanging on to what they’ve got rather than pushing forward). Too often, by the time a business is 3-5 years old, it hits a wall and stagnates.

The best leaders, and consequently the best businesses, consistently push for growth, improvement, and excellence in all areas, regardless of the market, economic cycle or any other factor. They don’t let up, relax or switch off. They don’t allow contentment to creep in, they constantly seek for more, and better.

Last week, I suggested that the key to remaining in “the room of renewal” is to be constantly curious. Thanks to Michael’s prompt, I’ll add, to be constantly hungry.

Humble, Hungry and Curious – the three constants for highly effective leadership.

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