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Chris Paton, former Royal Marine Colonel who reported directly to the Prime Minister when responsible for extracting British troops from Afghanistan, works with our members to help them improve their businesses, grow faster and crucially, be more profitable.

Last month he worked with two of our Leadership Groups and shared a simple leadership process that epitomises the modern military approach.

It’s titled TOT and has three components.

1. TIGHT definition of issue, scope and objectives.
There should be no room for interpretation when it comes to defining the mission.

2. OPEN and total freedom for innovation and creativity in developing options.
Leaders shouldn’t prescribe solutions, instead the best create environments for open expression, dialogue and ideas to be exchanged.

3. TIGHT accountability, delivery and milestones.
It’s a crucial part of leadership to hold people accountable.

TOT can be summarised thus: Leaders should clearly define the mission, then get out of the way for teams to identify the best solutions, and then hold them accountable on a strict timetable.

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