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Recruiting for the worst.

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Colin Maclachlan, former SAS soldier who has joined Property Academy’s speaker roster, recently highlighted to one of our Leadership Groups why, and perhaps more importantly how, SAS selection methods can be applied to businesses.

He suggested asking people questions such as:
“Tell me about your greatest achievement….”
“What are you best at?”
or anything that focuses on the positive, are largely a waste of time.

Instead, make the selection process, and training for that matter, as close as possible to ‘worst day’ events.

“We’ve currently got a client that is refusing to pay an overdue invoice, how would you deal with that?”
“A team member is being disruptive and upsetting people, what would be your approach?”
“We badly need new business, what would be your top three ways to generate immediate opportunities?”

Asking positive questions tends to reinforce the subliminal desire to recruit an individual. Worse case scenarios will instead help you to make the right choice.

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