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Lessons from the front line.

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Chris Paton was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Marines who served in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Georgia and Afghanistan.. He was an advisor to the Cabinet and National Security on the Afghan strategy.

Colin Maclachlan is a former SAS soldier with over 25 years of security and risk related experience, best known for appearing in Channel 4’s ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’ and Channel 5’s ‘Secrets of the SAS’.

He took part in some of the most high profile and daring SAS missions in recent times. He’s been involved in hostage negotiations, hostage rescue, and been held hostage himself.

Both Chris and Colin will be attending, (in person), at meetings with our members in March. In addition to some inspirational stories, we will learn a lot of lessons of how military processes, systems and tactics can be applied to business including two in particular.

Ingrained from basic training onwards, in all branches of the military, is a leadership process that’s rarely applied in commerce.

It couldn’t be simpler, nor more effective.

1. The objective (mission) is clearly defined.
2. The leader consults with all his reports to get their input.
3. The leader decides on the course of action.
4. The whole team gets behind the decision and gives their all.
5. As soon as the mission is completed, everyone involved attends a debrief to identify www.www.ebi (what worked well, what went wrong, even better if).

In previous meetings, both Chris and Colin have told me they find it staggering how so often in business, instead of getting behind the leader’s decision, people will actively seek to find fault with it, be disruptive and even derail the plan.
They are even more incredulous at how rarely companies carry out a debrief.

These two things are essential to military success – might I suggest they are equally important in business?

In March, our members will have the chance to meet these extraordinary speakers, (and several more) – so can you. Apply for one of the few trial memberships we have left here

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