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The number of people I see who are overwhelmed at the moment is possibly at an all time high.

Whilst many businesses are achieving record results, these are being achieved at a considerable price.

Stress, mental health, and emotional health are all under pressure. Owners, directors and team members alike are all under the cosh.

When I was last in this state, a very good friend shared her way of dealing with it.

I hope you don’t need it, but in case you do…

1. Write a list of everything you need to get done. Business, personal, the lot.
2. Identify which things need to be done today. Schedule a time for each of them.
3. List out those things that can wait, but need to be done tomorrow. Schedule a time for each of them.
4. Then select the things that can wait till next week. Again, allocate a time for each one in your diary.
5. Do the same for things that can wait till next month.

I also have two other lists:

6. “Not Doing Now” list. This is for things I want to do but I’m not prepared to allocate time for just now.
7. “Never Doing Now” list. If things have been on my “Not Doing Now” list for 6 months, then they get transferred here.

These final two lists exist to get stuff out of your head. By writing them down they’re saved, not lost, but are removed from the current thinking space.

With all these lists ask one simple question:

“Which of these things can only I do?”

My bet is it’s a handful.
Delegate the rest.
And go for a walk.

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