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fouri 407 HangoutIn the last month, I’ve delivered 18 hours of presentations to full members of the property portal, On the Market.

The sessions covered all the main learnings from 20+ years of coaching business owners and senior directors.

The content has been inspired and influenced by some great people:

Jim Collins
Stephen R Covey
Stephen MR Covey
Robert Cialdini
Simon Sinek
Marcus Buckingham
Josh Phegan
Tom Peters
Ed Percival
Colin Blundell
Mark Roberge
Alastair Campbell
Verne Harnish
Michael Gerber
Don Riso
Peter Fisk
Bob Battye
Robert Jones
Steve Jobs
Richard Branson
Dale Norton
Clive Woodward
Dave Brailsford
Paula Radcliffe
Gary Hamel
CK Prahalad
David Smith
Grant Leboff
Jo Haigh
Ken Allison
Peter Rollings
Karl Judd
Mark Ross
Spencer Lawrence
Ian Preston
David Keen

These 36 people are the ones I can directly attribute some of the 18 hours of content. There are countless others who have influenced my thinking, added to my knowledge, and inspired me in numerous ways.

In creating this Leadership Excellence series, it reminded me that who you hang out with is perhaps your biggest influence.

I know 14 people on this list. I’ve met and had conversations with another 14. I hope to meet the others, but even if I don’t, having read their books and watched their talks, I’ve benefited hugely from them.

Who did you hang out with last year?
Who might you spend time with in the next 12 months?

This is the final four-i of 2021. I hope you’ve received lots of information, insight, ideas and inspiration this year, and that some of the posts have been useful.

The first edition in 2022 will be published on Tuesday 4th January.

On behalf of all the team at Property Academy, can I wish you a Merry Christmas and wish you the very best for next year.

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