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The Five Frustrations of Leadership.

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Last week, Property Academy members had an exclusive session with a leading coach for entrepreneurs who started the presentation by identifying the five frustrations of leadership:

•  Control (lack of)
•  Profit (lack of)
•  People
•  Nothing’s working
•  Hitting the ceiling

Question: Which of these are you experiencing?

No doubt some of you might have ticked one, two or more, a few of you perhaps all five. I know I’ve experienced them all at different points in my career.

And there’s one of them that I think is the hardest of all to deal with – but here’s my remedy.

Lack of control? Probably a resource issue, relatively easy to fix.

Lack of profit? Normally, a few adjustments to price, cost and overheads will sort it out – NB not one big change but several smaller ones.

People? That’s probably continuous and the remedy is to find them when you don’t need to.

Nothing’s working? Maybe it’s time to get out or make a step change. When nothing’s working, what have you got to lose?

The one that I found hardest to deal with is “Hitting the ceiling”. Perhaps because it didn’t come with the same amount of pain as some of the others, ie, the business was doing OK but just wasn’t fulfilling its potential.

The remedy is to go beyond the next horizon. Rather than seeking a solution to get to the next level, to go instead to at least one level higher than that. By aiming higher, you propel yourself past the things that are limiting you now.

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