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Albert Einstein is often quoted as having said:

“There are only two things that are infinite – the universe and human stupidity… and I’m not certain about the universe.”

It’s not conclusive if he did say it, but I like to imagine that he might have.

In the last fortnight, the fuel “shortage” brought this quote back to mind, but it’s not the only example of the worst kind of human behaviour I’ve seen recently and I bet you have many examples too.

But rather than bemoan the idiocy of some people, instead turn it to your advantage.

These are some of the headlines from national newspapers and websites over the last few weeks:

  • A return to the stagflation of the seventies
  • A Winter of discontent
  • Tax increases will push the economy into recession
  • The national debt is now over 100%

According to Property Academy’s brilliant behavioural economist, these and similar scare stories are complete nonsense or irrelevant.

Last week, Property Academy members had an exclusive economic update from Roger Martin-Fagg***. Roger’s career in economics spans many decades and different roles, including stints at the treasury as well as leading business schools. In the last 20 years though, he’s ditched the mainstream, and instead been guided in his forecasts by human behaviour. His latest forecast includes:

  • House prices will continue to rise but only by 5% next year, half the 10% increase this year (which Roger forecast 12 months ago)
  • Housing transactions will settle back to around 100,000 per month
  • Over the next six months a 0.5% increase in the mortgage rate should be expected
  • Central city rents will continue to recover
  • After a roller coaster 18 months the market is returning to normal
  • The labour shortage will remain so really look after your team

I expect the usual barrage of abuse whenever I quote Roger, but as Property Academy members will testify, he’s been broadly right for decades, and called the results of the last three general elections and in the US too, (he told our members 6 months prior to the last Presidential election that Biden would win).

So you don’t have to listen to me or Roger, or even Albert for that matter – instead you can read the Daily Mail, etc. and get a dose of human stupidity.

*** Roger Martin-Fagg is speaking at EA Masters on 14th October. On that day alone there’s 20 hours of presentations from business experts such as Dave Parry, CPO of Gym Shark and industry leaders from both the UK and Australia. In total, EA Masters has almost 50 hours of content (in addition to the October event we have the grand finale on November 3rd when Stephen M.R. Covey will be headlining) and you can access it all from your desk or home with a digital ticket at just £187+VAT – book here.

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