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“I didn’t think you meant it” was one response we received when advising that all the in-person tickets to EA Masters*** had sold out.
Another said, “We thought that was just a marketing ploy” – (it clearly wasn’t).

This has taught us a valuable lesson.

Thanks to things like the DFS Sale, (has anyone ever bought a sofa there that’s not been on sale?), there’s little trust and lots of suspicion of the use of the scarcity principle of persuasion.

But when, as with our events, it’s true – when there is a limited number, and there are only a few remaining, what to do?

That’s the challenge we’ve now set ourselves and here’s our thoughts so far:

  1. Rather than stating: “Almost sold out” or “Last few remaining”, instead quote a specific number. “Of 1,000 tickets, just 78 left.”
  2. Increase transparency further, show graphically what’s available. For our events, we could mimic the theatre/cinema, and show a floor plan of which seats have been taken and which are left. Another thought for our Membership Groups is to show (perhaps anonymise) how many places have been taken, and the location of each member to avoid conflicts, (as no two competitors can be in the same Group).
  3. Have some external scrutiny – perhaps outsource ticket sales to a specialist company.

Whatever you’re selling, there’s a strong likelihood that there’ll be times when you have a limited supply be it of a product, service or just your availability.

Think about how you can communicate that, to avoid people being disappointed when you do run out, but in a way that’s more believable.

***We have almost UNLIMITED digital seats still available for EA Masters. For £187+VAT you can attend the three remaining events on 30/09, 14/10 and 03/11. In total there’s over 50 hours of presentations and keynotes, including our headline speaker Stephen M.R. Covey. Details here: https://www.eamasters.co.uk/tickets/

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