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Last week, EA Masters delegates were inspired by one of the best presentations we’ve produced in over 20 years.

Former RAF Tornado pilot, Mandy Hickson, one of just a handful of women who’ve flown fighter jets under enemy fire, described her incredible career and how the lessons she learned in a £35million aircraft can be applied to business.

There were several fantastic RAF processes, but one that stood out for me is titled: DODA.

D – Diagnose. What is the issue/problem/challenge/opportunity?
O – Options. Consult with the team to get their input.
D – Decision. This is the responsibility of the leader. Having listened to the team’s ideas, make a decision.
A – Action. Communicate the plan and execute.

I’ve discussed this model with former Leaders in the Royal Marines and SAS as well as the RAF. They all say that the difference between the military and business is that when a military leader makes a decision, the troop/squadron/unit gets behind it 100% regardless of the individual opinions/options suggested, whereas too often in business, infighting starts to the point that the leader’s decision is undermined.

Like all great models and processes, the more they’re practiced in everyday circumstances, the more useful they’ll be when the pressure is really on – (like avoiding Ground-to-Air missiles over Iraq as Mandy experienced).

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