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The FBI.

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I created this model almost 20 years ago to explain why most marketing communications fail.

You see, for years people have believed that you can influence through external communications – which of course you can – but only if what you’re seeking to promote or change is appealing to the audience.

Great external communications might attract people to consider a brand but they won’t fundamentally change it. That happens when you continuously improve and change your products and services for the better and in order for that to happen, you need great internal communications.

Your team chats every day. Even away from the office, they’ll be on the phone, Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook, Zoom, email and many other mediums. But what are they chatting about?

My bet is 95-99% of internal communications centre around current issues – mostly problems and short term projects. What if instead, 20% of the time was invested discussing the future products and services – the things that evolve the brand?

In order to cause this, you need an FBI – Fantastic Big Idea.

If your idea is big enough and fantastic enough, then your team, customers, suppliers, investors, everybody will talk about it. And that’s how appropriate and relevant and clever improvements are generated.

Do you have an FBI? Most organisations don’t. Which is why they attempt to cover up their blandness with clever external communications – which doesn’t work.

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