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Twenty One years ago I had the incredibly good fortune to meet, and be coached by, Dr Stephen R Covey, author of ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’. Without any doubt, his influence has been the guiding force in my life.

Then, two years ago, at WOBI London 2019, I met his son, Stephen M.R. Covey, author of ‘The Speed of Trust – (The One Thing That Changes Everything)’.

I had high hopes but also prepared myself to perhaps come away underwhelmed. My concerns were misplaced, as was further confirmed last week, when Stephen M.R. Covey delivered a live presentation at our All Members event that I, and I bet our members too, will never forget.

I’ve got over 3,000 books in my library, and yet, whenever anyone asks me for a recommendation, I always start with 7 Habits. To my mind, it’s the most important book I’ve ever read. But I’ll now be recommending Speed of Trust too. That’s because it’s built on the same enduring principles as 7 Habits but expands further and goes deeper into the single most important ingredient for highly effective relationships – Trust.

“You can’t talk yourself out of a problem you’ve behaved yourself into.” –  Stephen R Covey

“No, but you can behave yourself out of a problem you’ve behaved yourself into…and often faster than you think!”  –  Stephen M.R. Covey

There are 13 behaviours that Stephen M.R. Covey discussed with our members that individually, and even more powerfully when combined, will build or rebuild trust. These will be shared again live at EA Masters* on November 3rd but in the meantime I encourage you to read or reread 7 Habits and Speed of Trust – together they take perhaps the greatest piece of work on personal and organisational development and make it even greater.

*You can still get tickets to the EA Masters at the special early bird rate from just £87+VAT to include 50 presentations, over four dates between August – November, including Stephen M.R. Covey.

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