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I’m not a fan of free stuff, never have been. When I see the word I’m instantly on alert, suspicious as to what the catch will be.

However, in this ever changing world we live in, “FREE” has become an expectation for many things and for many people. I recently realised that I needed to deal with my prejudice and find a way to do FREE that’s palatable – and I’ve found a formula that works for me, and I hope might for you too.

The key is to be completely transparent and explain how you’ve managed to provide something for no cost and why you’re doing it. Let me share two examples where we’re using free now.

EA Masters is the estate agency event of the year. It runs online for six months on six different dates and at one live venue too. The opening ceremony, on June 24th is free to attend.

Q. How can we deliver a world class event on an award winning platform using a mix of live and professionally filmed content to TV broadcast quality for free?
A. By having sponsors pay for it.

Q. Why would sponsors want to do that?
A. To be able to showcase their latest products and services in the Innovation Hall we’ve created as part of the event.

Q. Why wouldn’t we charge for tickets as well as having the sponsorship income?
A. Because we want people to see just how good the event is and from that point buy a ticket for the next five months conference, exhibition and awards.

Property Academy Membership isn’t for everyone. Those agents and suppliers that know everything, who are already the best they can be and are always “smashing it” need not apply. Our members take a lifelong view of learning. They value different perspectives and develop more effective solutions to the myriad of issues they face as a result. For those that are willing to share what they know and learn from others, membership could be the answer. So, that’s why there’s no charge to trial if you subsequently don’t join.

Q. How can you deliver two world class speaker sessions plus a meeting chaired by people like Peter Rollings (former CEO of Marsh & Parsons) and not charge?
A. Because we know from experience that over half the people who come to the trial will become paying members.

Q. Why do you take the risk that people might come just to have the free sessions?
A. Because when many people experience membership they’re very happy to pay for it and even those who don’t join tend to speak well of their experience.

I doubt that “FREE” will ever become my first, ‘go to’ marketing initiative but I do now have it in my locker as needed. By being totally transparent as to how we can deliver something for free and perhaps more importantly, why we’re doing it, I feel very comfortable – what’s more it works!

You can attend EA Masters Opening Ceremony on 24th June for FREE

You can check availability to attend a trial month of membership for FREE

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