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Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.

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Josh Phegan, my very good friend, (and, in my opinion, Australia’s number one real estate coach by any measurement), shared his AREC 2021 slide deck with me on Saturday and amongst a ton of new material was this quote: “Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.” 

It caused me to recall advice I offered our members as we came out of the last recession which I hope you will agree is worth repeating as we start to come out from the “awkward bit in the middle” between the old and the next normal.

As with a recession or any period of negativity for that matter, there are silver linings to be found from the experience. People pull together, bound by a common goal: typically, survival. Petty interdepartmental politics get shelved as everyone focuses on the common enemy. Focus is concentrated on the “main thing” as opposed to being distracted. There’s no time for stupid games.

Unfortunately, when the good times return, as they inevitably do, for some reason(s) many people slide back into dysfunctional behaviours. Rainbows appear that are pursued with vigour only to discover there’s not a pot of gold to be had and it’s cost a lot to get to find out. Individual credit and advancement becomes more important than the team’s result. Pointless causes are championed allowing the mediocre to feel good about themselves when actually they make no difference whatsoever.

Worst of all is chasing the wrong goal and winning a stupid prize.

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