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Pitching to win.

fouri 375 Pitching To WinDavid Kean, bestselling author of ‘Pitching to Win’ and ‘How Not to Come Second’ built his reputation over many years as Campaign magazine’s “most valuable new business operator.” In simple terms, if you were in marketing and had a big pitch that you desperately wanted to win, then David was your man for the job.

He generated over $1Billion of new business income in his career.

Now David speaks with audiences all over the world about new business and he will often ask this question:

‘What’s pitching all about?’

Typically he receives an avalanche of answers such as:

1. To show our skills
2. To give the client the answer
3. To demonstrate our talent
4. To demonstrate our experience
5. To crack the problem
6. To showcase our product/service
7. To get the client to like us

But these answers are all wrong. Pitching is really only about one thing.


That’s it. Winning.

On a pitch you win or lose. Coming second is another word for losing.

Here are the most common excuses David has heard from people who came second; who lost:

  • The client isn’t ready
  • They really liked an individual (who works for a competitor)
  • We’re too big for them
  • We’re too small for them
  • It was a stitch up. We never had a chance
  • They think we’re too expensive
  • The client is an idiot

If someone else wins the business then they were more persuasive than you. That’s it.

David is speaking with our members on an exclusive webinar, next Wednesday 19th May. He’ll address some of the key factors that will significantly increase your odds of winning every pitch. If you would like to trial membership, attend our live webinar with David Kean for free, and learn how to win more often, then please get in touch.

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