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fouri 368 FunctionalUpliftingThere are three key components to CX4.0* (the label I use to describe a new era of customer experience) and one is making the everyday things uplifting.

I say uplifting rather than exciting because the bar is set at a relatively low level as is illustrated by this example received by a friend of mine called Liz.

She subscribes to an independent coffee company who, each month, mail her a selection from their extensive range.

Spotting that her client shared the same name, Lizzie of coffeebeanshop.co.uk, fulfilled my friend’s order with a handwritten message on the delivery note.

It’s a little detail, a tiny one in the scheme of things, but it’s one that caused my friend to feel good about her coffee delivery, to post about it in our whatsapp group chat and consequently me describing it here for our 6,000 subscribers to read.

Little detail, Big difference. I’ve found that typically, three things need to be in place to deliver this element of CX4.0.

1. You need to identify the opportunities. I don’t know this, but my guess is that someone at coffeebeanshop.co.uk saw that their delivery notes could be used for something far more powerful than their original purpose and then encouraged their team members to personalise each one where appropriate. Every one of us has these “delivery note moments”, we all have perfunctory aspects to our systems and processes that can be utilised to build stronger and more personal relationships with our customers.

2. The right people need to be in place and they need to be engaged. It takes effort, (discretionary effort), to seek out the opportunities and to make each one individual and relevant. It’s far easier to just dispatch the coffee, which is what the disengaged people would do.

3. It requires a different employer/boss mindset to understand, measure and reward the small things. My guess is Lizzie might be able to dispatch 10% more orders a day if she didn’t bother to personalise some of them. In some environments, that extra output would be rewarded which would then have different results.

In simple terms, it’s about the difference between efficiency and effectiveness, between transactional and relational, between caring or not.

*I’m discussing all three components of CX4.0 at https://www.dezrez.co.uk/eavolution-property-technology-expo tomorrow (23rd March 2021) – it’s free to attend to hope to see you there.

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