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Lazy Marketing RIP.

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To recap, we have now entered the era of Customer Experience 4.0.

CX1.0 = The Store (We purchased goods and services locally and if they weren’t available then we substituted/went without)
CX2.0 = Brand (We became influenced by brands as much, (even more?), than the products and services they promote)
CX3.0 = Digital. (Whatever we want, now)
CX4.0 = Proactive and Personal. (We expect our purchases to be Functional & Uplifting, Consistent & Individual and we expect our needs to be anticipated)

Since I first started talking about CX4.0 a year ago, I’ve not had one person push back on the theory. However, judging by my own experiences as a consumer, it’s clear to me that many companies have failed to grasp it or act on it. That’s why, when I see a really good example I’ll highlight it – like this one.

A very good friend of mine is single. That’s her choice, (she’s not short of offers to change her “status”). Although she lives on her own she’s not alone, according to the ONS 35% of the adult population are single. That’s a big group and one often ignored, disregarded and treated with an attitude of indifference. She sent me an email she received a week ago from the florists, Bloom & Wild. Here’s an extract:

Hello Sally (I’ve changed the name)

While Valentine’s Day might be fun for some people, we know that for others it’s not. And no one wants reminders that make them feel rubbish. So if you’d rather we didn’t talk to you about it, we won’t.

To opt-out of any Valentine’s Day reminders from us, just let us know here. Don’t worry, if you do choose to opt-out we’ll still send you our other emails, like normal.

And as always, you can let us know if there are other occasions you’d rather not hear about from us here.

Have a lovely day,


Lucy Evans | Customer Experience Manager

If you’re crafting communications for Valentine’s Day please note that not everyone is hoping Eros will call. Similarly this coming Easter, there’s a very significant number of people not interested in the Easter bunny (59.3% of the UK identifies as non-religious or with a religion other than christianity). The same thing applies to many things (make that nearly everything). There are people who don’t like sport. People who don’t like sunny/hot weather. People who are different to the stereotypical view of the mainstream. In other words, people who don’t want whatever you’re trying to sell.

CX2.0 and 3.0 were godsends to the lazy marketer however, now we’re in the era of CX4.0, the “one size, fits all” approach doesn’t work – you need to apply the tenets of CX4.0 in order to be highly effective (and if you don’t, a competitor will).

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