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Thank you Covid19.

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The news at the weekend was a punch to the gut for many of us. We’ve all been dealt a blow of varying proportions however, there have been some upsides this year and I’ve reflected on what I’m grateful to Covid19 for.

Here’s my list, you might like to make one for yourself (I’ve found it’s helping to get a balanced view).

Thank you Covid19 for:

  1. Causing us to learn how to deliver webinars. We’ve been able to quadruple our delivery to Property Academy members.
  2. Enabling international speakers to join our roster. Seth Godin would have been too expensive to fly over but we had him for two sessions, (although he’s still very expensive!).
  3. Connecting the family with a series of quizzes and other games. Normally we’d see siblings, nieces and nephews separately, it’s been great having them all together on zoom.
  4. Causing us to think differently and to create the biggest UK estate agency event ever (albeit the EA Masters was virtual).
  5. Allowing us to expand EA Masters to 50 sessions from our normal 12.
  6. Creating the opportunity to use travel time for 70 one-to-one personal coaching sessions.
  7. Creating the need for retailers to up their game with delivery services – now 90% of everything we purchase is delivered.
  8. Making us decide to have a cat and bringing Lyra to her new home.
  9. Really finding out who our true friends are and discovering how loyal and supportive most people can be.
  10. For making us review our whole structure and cost base and to upgrade whilst saving costs.
  11. Appreciating how important home is and adding things to make it even better.
  12. Planning holidays for the future and really enjoying the anticipation (perhaps even more than the real thing maybe?)
  13. My gym delivering amazing online classes that have resulted in being fitter than if I’d been physically going.
  14. Creating more time for reading – 78 books delivered since March.
  15. Saving money on clothes as well as on spontaneous unnecessaries that would otherwise have been purchased.
  16. Learning to adapt and helping others to make great strides.
  17. Making decisions. Covid19 has accelerated our business development by years.
  18. Proper catch ups with friends.
  19. Never taking for granted a meal out or a pint in the pub again.
  20. Letting my daughter and son-in-law have two wedding ceremonies (a wedding and a blessing) and therefore two walks down the aisle and two father of the bride speeches.

Some people will say that 2020 was the worst year they’ve experienced. Of course, if they’ve lost loved ones I understand that sentiment. However, if you choose to, my bet is for most of us we can find at least 20 things to be grateful to Covid19 for.

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