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Lessons from the SAS.

fouri 344 Lessons from SAS

Our roster of speakers and trusted advisors has been built over 20 years to now be an unrivalled source of four-i, (Information, Insight, Ideas and Inspiration). Take last week for example when our members had the opportunity to have an hour in the company of Floyd Woodrow.

Floyd was a soldier in the Parachute Regiment. After four years with the 1st Battalion he joined the Special Air Service. He was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal, (second only to the Victoria Cross) for his work in Iraq and an MBE for his work in Afghanistan. He was also the combined forces heavyweight boxing champion.

Today he coaches business owners, elite athletes, schoolchildren and still remains a part of the Regiment, working on many projects including counter-terrorism initiatives.

He posed one question to our members that I think should be asked of everyone in your charge.

“How good do you want to be?”

At first, many might answer, “the very best possible”. But do they mean it? And for that matter do you?

You see to be the best you can be requires a discipline most don’t have. Typically it requires getting up at 5am every day. Exercising for an hour. Eating and drinking healthily. Continuous learning, reading 20-100 books a year and with the intent to teach what you learn as this accentuates the learning process. It requires proper focus and application. An ability to identify clear and compelling goals and to track progress towards them. It necessitates taking calculated risks, doing new things, spending the majority of time outside the comfort zone.

I could go on but you get the point. To be the best you can be requires you to give up things, quite often things that are appealing and fun for a while. You have to form great habits through repetitive action. You have to learn to say no and resist many temptations.

Only 15% of the soldiers who apply to join the SAS are selected. The other 85% give up not because they haven’t the physical resilience, (although that might be the case for some), but because they realise that actually they don’t want it enough, it’s too hard.

At the EA Masters on 8th October I’m delivering four different sessions along with 40 other speakers and leading agents and suppliers plus headline speaker, Seth Godin. For some people 28 hours of four-i from some of the best business brains in the world will be too much. For those who desire to improve, perhaps even to the point of being the best that they can be, this is the event of the year and you can get tickets here: https://www.eamasters.co.uk/tickets/

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