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Seth nails it.

fouri 342 Seth Godin

I’ve read most of Seth Godin’s books, some several times. I regularly read his blog, (as do 6 million others daily) and have seen many talks and speeches he’s given.

Then one day I got to meet the man, (admittedly only over Zoom but that’s how things are right now) – and he was everything I hoped for and imagined. Curious, interested, probing whilst funny, erudite and generous in equal measure. We discussed his headline session at EA Masters on 8th October, “what are you after?” he asked. “You on a good day” I replied, (he laughed), and then I outlined the audience and the key issues.

And here’s what he said:

“It strikes me that estate agents have two options, to stand out, differentiate, be known for something others aren’t, or they can join the pack in the race to the bottom.”

I didn’t need to hear any more. He summed up in one sentence, five minutes into a Zoom call what the main issue for estate agents is right now. Quite extraordinary, but then he is probably the most highly regarded marketer in the world – and you have the chance to see him present bespoke content, exclusively curated for the EA Masters on 8th October.

Normally a ticket to see Seth Godin is £300-500. You can get one for £49.75 and also see 40 other sessions, 28 hours of content in total: https://www.eamasters.co.uk/tickets/

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