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All roads lead to Rome.

fouri 337 Roads to Rome

For over a millennium, the idiom “all roads lead to Rome” has meant that there are different options but they all end up in the same place.

In conversation with Grant Leboff* recently, we noted how today, for just about every business, Rome is your website. So I’m going to update the idiom for the 21st century and state – “All roads should lead to Rome” and I say this because many companies communications are about as far away from a straight Roman road as you can get, indeed remind me more of spaghetti junction on the M6 or the magic roundabout in Swindon.

Only your website is 100% yours – you rent and share space on the portals, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and all the other social channels, indeed on every other medium. And whilst I’m not advocating for one moment that you don’t use these platforms what I am strongly suggesting is you use them solely to direct people to your website. In order to do this you must have something there that doesn’t exist anywhere else. After all, if a home-hunter can get all the information that’s available on a property via Rightmove why would they bother coming to you as well?

Another thing, the social channels in particular are very keen to harvest your leads for their other advertisers – not only of unrelated products and services but for your competitors as well. You should have a clear objective for them to leave Facebook, etc. and go to your website and to achieve this you need a clear and compelling proposition. Consumers are time poor and easily distracted – rather than send them round the houses instead help them with a direct path to your Rome.

*Grant Leboff is one of Property Academy’s world-class speakers and specialises in Marketing. To find out more about the benefits of becoming a Property Academy member, please get in touch.

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