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It’s time to outsource.

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The best agents are getting ready for the next normal having successfully navigated this “awkward bit in the middle”. They’re looking at everything – customer expectations, market segmentation and targeting, compelling proposition, competitive advantage, business model, fee structure, culture and also a myriad of outsourcing options to enable faster, profitable growth and to mitigate against a future downturn.

So here’s a question I considered and answered recently:

Q. How many people does it take to effectively run an estate agency sales operation with over 100 completions a year?

A. One.

Here’s how.

Prospecting your database can be delivered by http://www.prospectengine.co.uk/

This can be considerably boosted by https://spectre.uk.com/ and https://helloagain.uk/ utilising https://www.dataloft.co.uk/ insights that can be incorporated with direct mail provided by https://ravensworth.co.uk/

Inbound telephone enquiries can be dealt with by https://www.moneypenny.com/uk – they handle calls better than you can.

Thorough property preparation for the market appraisal that used to take hours can now be done in minutes thanks to https://sprift.com/

Beautiful property imagery can be produced by https://dctr.co.uk/ and you can make sure your listings really stand out using https://giraffe360.com/

For the cream of properties, https://accouterdesign.com/ will look after all your home staging requirements.

https://www.metropix.com/ will deliver your floorplans and their parent company https://www.landmark.co.uk/landmark-estate-agency-services will help keep you compliant

You can get all your property brochures from https://ravensworth.co.uk/

Of course you’ll want a best in class website and digital marketing to show off your business as well as your listings and for this there’s no better place than https://starberry.tv/ and they will make sure all your listings are uploaded to https://www.rightmove.co.uk/

Properties suitable for auction (and that’s far more than many of you will imagine) can be handed over to https://www.sdlauctions.co.uk/ and https://www.iamsold.co.uk and https://www.lnhnetwork.co.uk/ will sort out everything for you in respect to land and new homes.

Viewings, second viewings and handover on completion can be arranged via https://viewber.co.uk/

Sales progression can be managed by https://completeasap.co.uk/ who will seamlessly link with your CRM whether that’s  https://www.rexsoftware.com/ https://www.dezrez.co.uk or any other via https://www.reapit.com/foundations/

For those clients who need a mortgage then it can all be done for you at https://www.homeofmortgages.co.uk/ as can conveyancing via https://www.live-org.com/ or  https://www.myhomemove.com/

All your client feedback can be captured and recorded by http://boomerangcrm.co.uk/

So what’s left for you to do?

Listing and selling. These are the only aspects of estate agency you can’t outsource but you can find brilliant people to do this for you via https://www.broomhamrecruitment.com/

Now, if the thought of meeting all these incredible suppliers is giving you a headache then not to worry, you can outsource the job of outsourcing to https://www.kerfuffle.com/ who will also negotiate a better deal with them than you can.

And finally, may I suggest that if you want to take your business further, make more money and do better than ever before then you join us at  https://propertyacademy.co.uk/

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