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Time for a new map.

fouri_332_Map-1This is what the UK and Ireland looked like in c.1300. As you can see, it’s changed quite a bit in the last 720 years, in particular Scotland that’s moved about 45 degrees North.






The changes were gradual as evidenced by this map from the late 18th century.









Then there’s this map – (which has probably riled 80% of the 6,000+ who subscribe to receive four-i!)

But here’s a serious question, which map are you using right now? My guess is that chances are it’s the wrong one.

That’s because unless you’ve got a map created since the pandemic changed everything, then it’s out of date.

The CX (customer expectation) has changed because of how other industries have adjusted.
Your target audience is thinking and feeling differently to how they were before. They’re not hanging out where they used to. They’re getting many mixed messages and are more confused than informed.
Your competition is different or might have disappeared, (of course new entrants will replace them).

It’s time to create a new map.

Right now we’re cartographers in the eyes of our members. Together we’re reimagining estate agency and in doing so have identified more opportunities than challenges, more solutions than problems, more distinctive innovation than “me too” repetition. This week alone we have three brilliant speakers exclusively presenting for our members:

Tuesday – Jaynie Smith, “What’s Your Competitive Advantage?”

Wednesday – Phil Hesketh, “Holding a High Fee”

Thursday – Grant Leboff, “Sales & Marketing as the Catalyst for Business Recovery”

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