Culture Review.

Culture Review

I’m delivering a webinar for our members this Wednesday that I feel might be the most important of the 100+ hours we’ve already presented. That’s because it will seek to cause a complete review of the culture of each business and the creation of a culture deck.

Why is this so important? Some years ago I adapted a well known quote, (often misattributed to Peter Drucker), that tells you how significant I believe culture to be:

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast…
Culture eats systems for lunch…
Culture eats brand for dinner.” (Peter Knight)

Every organisation has a culture. The question to ask is whether it’s the right one or not? In the absence of a defined culture the members of an organisation will create one, indeed probably several – one for each department and office.

A large number of the best and most successful businesses in the world have defined their culture into a series of slides known as a “culture deck”. I believe this to be an essential requirement for every company. That’s because each company’s deck will guide their team members in every aspect of their role, show them how to behave and work together and describe in detail how things are done in the organisation.

Our members will get access to this comprehensive programme first but I thought I’d share one aspect with you today.

I’ve written the deck for a fictitious estate agency that I’ve called ‘Future Property Services’ and whilst I doubt my description of each heading is always if ever totally appropriate, it’s the headings that I’m seeking to highlight and then to illustrate how they could be completed.

Take the Review process. My belief is that many businesses haven’t changed their methodology for years and many studies show that formal reviews, more often than not, actually reduce the output/performance. In my opinion this is an area that requires a complete rethink and so this is how I’d run a review process if ‘Future Property Services’ was created today.

“You will carry out a personal review of your daily performance every single day. Using www.www.ebi (what worked well, what went wrong, even better if) you will identify your strengths and areas for development and you will write these down in your journal. Quite frequently, your director will review your journal with you – it is expected that you will have something every day that went well, something that didn’t and something where you can do better.

It’s marginal gains that drive peak performance, 225 x 1% improvements a year for every team member equals extraordinary personal and business development.

Every quarter you will reset your 90 day goals which will start with a review of the previous quarter results, your daily personal reviews and the recognition record from colleagues. This review will result in your either being retained and continuing to receive the best remuneration and benefits package in the industry, or given additional training and development (renewed) or removed if you no longer meet the standards expected or if your role is no longer required and you cannot/will not renew for another one.”

I accept it might not be how everyone would conduct their review process but what I’m seeking to encourage is that as well as redesigning your business systems and processes for customer service, etc. that you also give all your internal processes a thorough overhaul and start that by defining your culture and creating a culture deck.

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