Solid Performance.

Solid PerformanceLast week, Property Academy members had the third webinar in a series we’ve delivered with sports psychologist Robbie Anderson (who’s part of Professor Steve Peters’ “Chimp Management” team).

Robbie currently oversees the National Performance Programme for England Rugby and he also works with many professional and Olympic athletes as well as business leaders with the purpose of helping them to fulfil their potential.

It was fascinating to have a chance to understand some of the processes the best athletes use to gain competitive advantage and one, ‘Solid Performance’ was new to me and I thought I’d share it with you today.

We’re probably all familiar with the idea of recording personal bests (PB) and using them to drive ourselves forward, i.e. to compete with ourselves. This process is very effective at certain times but probably not as useful right now. With all the restrictions still with us it’s unlikely that many business records will be set in the next few weeks, indeed the pursuit of a PB could become disheartening and have the opposite effect to that intended as people give up with a sense of “it’s pointless”. Instead consider setting a “Solid Performance” target.

When working with the England rugby team, Robbie found that some players were trying to achieve a PB when the conditions weren’t conducive. It might be the weather, opposition, team composition, tactics for that game and many other factors that would hinder an individual delivering their best ever performance. So instead, the question posed was, “what would a solid performance look like?” Think about it, we all know how we feel when we deliver our very best, we also know what it’s like to do poorly or fail, but what about a good solid performance, how would you describe that?

As people return to work to strange environments, new systems and processes and with an air of general unease, it’s important to set them up correctly for the circumstances and for me, right now, I’d be very happy with a good solid performance.

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