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Tom Peters

Tom Peters is one of the best known business visionaries of all time.

In the last 50 years, he’s written a dozen or more books since graduating from Cornell and Stanford.

I’ve heard him speak live five times and on one of those occasions enjoyed a conversation where he was very kind to comment on my book “HEMP – The Highly Effective Marketing Plan”.

Last week I was able to join a webinar to learn his latest thinking which I’m pleased to share with you.

Tom is well known for being direct and his opening comment was very typical:

“Human Resources is a disgusting term, wherever I see it I want to take out a pot of paint and make it illegible.”

He described the current times as when people and businesses will reveal themselves for what they are – and suggested that those who follow HR protocols without considering the human beings themselves are a*seholes!

He said the key reason why the best businesses succeed is because “they only hire nice people” and added “and don’t hire the jerks!”

Tom has created a phrase (one of many over the years) to describe what he feels is going to be at the heart of business post-Covid19: “Extreme Humanisation”. This resonates with me, (and no doubt will with all the members of the Property Academy) as I’m convinced we are now in a CX4.0 world where the customer wants three things in addition to everything that came before:

  1. Functional AND Uplifting
  2. Consistent AND Individual
  3. Anticipative AND Proactive

Your systems and processes, many of which will be automated and powered by tech, deliver the Functional and Consistent but it’s humans, real people, nice people (not the jerks), that will deliver moments that are uplifting, individual and have been anticipated and therefore are proactive.

As you reimagine and start planning your future business make sure that you ask yourself “what are the essential roles that we need people to deliver?” and then after identifying the behavioural traits, skill sets and experience required add to the interview checklist:

Are they nice or are they a jerk?

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