Planning & Preparation.

Planning & Preparation

I’ve been coaching all our members through the four stages of this crisis:

1. Confront the brutal reality (that’s dealing with all the essential issues to ensure survival)

2. Reimagine (draw on all your team and network to get imaginative, creative and innovative to mentally create your new business)

3. Planning & Preparation (the start of the second creation – everything is created twice, mental creation precedes the physical which itself starts with a plan)

4. Action & Implementation (turning your plan into reality)

Our members are now in phase 3, (albeit they and you might dip back into phase 2 as the plans develop). Here’s the template for Planning & Preparation.

1. Target Market
• Who are they (research, define and create avatars)?
• What are their expectations, (tangible and intangible)?
• What do they currently think, feel and do? What do you want them to think, feel and do?
• How will you attract, engage, nurture and convert?

2. CX4.0
• What do you stand for, what’s your manifesto?
• What’s your promise?
• What is your product/service proposition? (Check it has a competitive advantage).

3. Delivery  (Essential to do it in this order)
• Which parts of your proposition can be automated?
• Which aspects can be outsourced?
• What is the essential role(s) that you have to have people inhouse to deliver?

(Ask these three questions over and over, for example you might not need to automate something if you decide to outsource it)

4. Business model
• To what extent will you have a physical/digital presence?
• How will you earn/charge for your products/services?
• How will you remunerate your essential people?

5. Brand
• What is your consumer brand?
• What is your culture deck?
• What is your leadership brand?

6. Feedback
• How will you know you’re on the right track?
• What will you measure?
• How will you ensure there’s continuous improvement?

7. Engagement
• How will the plan be communicated and progress reported?
• Who will have responsibility for each part?
• What resources are needed?

These are just the main headlines. There’s a lot of additional questions to answer under each heading but I wanted to share the methodology we’ve developed working with many of the best businesses in the sector.

You can create your own plan but if you want help and guidance then give me a call (01372 372372). We are accepting a few new members and for this testing period are including a one-on-one consultation to make sure your business is going to be viable, fit and has a truly exciting and rich future.

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