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If not now, when?

If Not Now, When?

Right now I should have been in New York with 30 of the most forward thinking agents and leading suppliers along with our Australian counterparts all sharing best practices, new ideas and innovations.

Instead, BlueSkyNYC will now take place in 2021 and the content we had planned will be shared with all our members as it’s more relevant and urgent than we’d ever envisaged.

Indeed there’s one thing I believe to be so pressing and important that I want to share it with the wider four-i audience too.

This is your time. Your moment. Your opportunity to transform your business, indeed your industry.

We’ve seen new business models being experimented with, (to varying degrees of success and quite a few failures). We’ve tried out some new ways of marketing, (again with varying results). We’ve observed different digital and tech tools, (some of which are useless but many with great potential). We’ve got the opportunity to outsource services that historically have always been done inhouse. We have seen some businesses reengineer their financial model, their basis for receiving and paying remuneration, their physical operation, their online business, just about every system and process.

And now it’s the time to make sense of it all. To take all the very best bits of the experiments that have both worked and failed (sometimes there are aspects of a failed business that could have been very good, just as there are parts of successful businesses that have stopped them growing even faster and limited their value).

This is Phase Two – the time to reimagine your future business from the ground up.

Start with reimagining the customer experience from their perspective – what will they need, want and desire? Then think of how you can be more than just relevant to the delivery of this – how you can transform it. Next think about the tech solutions – ask yourself, “can this be automated in full or in part?” Only once you’ve done that add in the people, “what are the essential aspects of our service that we need people to perform?” And once you’ve worked that out, then consider the profiles of people you’ll need and ask, “what will attract them to us?”

If you’re thinking “this isn’t the time for this” then I ask you, if not now when? When will you ever get a better opportunity to completely overhaul your business and transform it into something truly very special indeed?

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