What a Kerfuffle!

When we produced our first estate agency event we had 14 suppliers exhibit. There were others that weren’t involved but with Rightmove, Reapit, Ravensworth and Moneypenny, to name the big four that took part, we had most of the sector covered.

This Thursday, at the EA Masters, 65 suppliers will be showcasing their latest products and services in the Innovation Hall and most have something new or upgrades to launch.

Whilst we still have nearly all the major players, there are a further 400 suppliers listed in our Best EA Supplier Guide and that’s half the number of c.800 proptech companies that now exist in the UK which is 11% of the 7,000 worldwide.

If you had a 30 minute demonstration from each one, and did nothing else during your working day, nor take any holidays, the final pitch would conclude at midday on 18th December 2020! This explosion in the number of products and services available to agents highlights just how complex the sector has become as well as how many opportunities there are to either gain an edge over the competition or to blow a load of cash and waste time to boot. How on earth do you begin to make sense of it all and make sure you choose the right suppliers for your business? Fortunately, there is an answer.

When Simon Whale first told me about his business plan to create a company for the property industry that combined the review services of Which?, TripAdvisor, Amazon, etc. plus the collective buying power of Groupon I was confused as to how exactly it would work and who it would serve. But now, a year on from the initial conception, Kerfuffle has over 2,000 members including many of the best estate agencies in the country as well as many of the major suppliers.

This week, in addition to sponsoring the VIP section of the EA Masters, Kerfuffle is also partnering with the Property Academy to deliver the Best EA Supplier Guide and Awards. This partnership will enable the annual assessment to be supplemented by a continuous feedback of suppliers’ performance from Kerfuffle agent members as well as expert commentary from Simon and other industry experts.

Kerfuffle is going to make sense of the noise – it will enable estate agencies ranging from single office businesses right up to the biggest chains to understand the myriad of options now available and to identify the best ones for you individually.

If you haven’t already, I suggest you take a look at https://www.kerfuffle.it/ – the alternative is to try and navigate through a complicated maze of products and services, potentially choosing the wrong ones and/or paying too much for them.

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