Key Focus.

Let others debate Brexit, Onliners and other things you can’t control. Instead, focus all your time and energy and passion onto the key things you can influence. And at this time of year there are three.

1. Listings.
January is when the ratio of people looking on Rightmove v Available Stock spikes – there’s far more viewers than properties (this imbalance changes in February most years). Now’s the time to get as much of the previously unsold stock, approx. 50% of all listings over the last three years, back onto the market, refreshed, repriced and most importantly, with remotivated sellers.

2. Team.
Every day, make that twice, three times a day, check in with every single member of the frontline to find out what they’re doing to win more business. Once a week, even once a day, isn’t enough. You need to be relentless, constantly asking “what have you done this morning to win more instructions?”….”Who specifically have you spoken with this afternoon?”… “Who are your next five clients – what needs to happen with each to get them to the market?”

3. Personal.
How you show up every day is the single biggest influence on your team – “Soldiers watch what their Generals do.” You need to lead by example, make sure your manner and approach is totally positive and focussed on the vital job of securing instructions. Take time to work with every one of your team on a 1on1 basis – for at least 2 hours at a time, coaching them through each call – perhaps alternating so they can learn from you how to do it superbly well.

I see far too many agents on social media and the industry forums talking about PurpleBricks, pontificating about Brexit, making predictions – if you’re one of them then stop it immediately! Stephen Covey said: “the best way to predict the future is to create it” – your 2019 results are totally in your hands so make it your best year yet by focussing on what you can influence and ignore what you can’t.

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