The $10million Habit.

I’ve got a very simple message this week.

I’ve studied the world’s most successful estate agent to discover how he does it. How he lists and sells properties, week in, week out, that last year earned him a personal commission of $10million.

And if you want to earn $10million or even just £100,000 then you can acquire this habit too. Anyone can. It’s really simple and yet most don’t do it enough despite the fact that it’s proven to work time and time again.

Alexander Phillips, the $10million agent, picks up the phone everyday and calls past clients. And he doesn’t just do it when he’s short on stock or when sales are below target. He does it every single day, it’s his priority. And as a consequence he’s never short on stock and is never below target. Indeed this year he’ll earn over $11million – in a market others describe as tough.

It’s not just about calling clients. It’s having a proper conversation with them. That’s a conversation about them not you. Because their lives will have changed since you last last called. And if you’re any good you’ll find out how and then be in a position to assist them to move to their next life stage.

Think about what’s happened in your life in the last 12 months, 2 years, 3 years – my bet is for most of us there will have been at least one if not several significant events. You might have met a new partner, fallen out with an old one, expanded the family or had one grown up child leave. You might have been made redundant or got a new job, a pay rise, inherited some cash or a property even. Your income might have gone up or gone down. You might have paid off a loan, taken out several new ones, come to the end of a mortgage. And if this is true for you then it’s the same for your past clients. Life doesn’t stand still. It’s constantly changing. And often without warning.

The best estate agents know that keeping in touch with past clients is the best way to generate new business. They know that when someone says they have no intention of moving for the foreseeable future this could change in a heartbeat with a significant event.

I guarantee that if you call and connect with 20 past clients at least one of them will say: “how funny you should call, we were just discussing moving last night…” Make 20 calls a day and create 5 appointments a week in addition to all the other leads. Convert and sell/let half of these and it’s an extra 100 deals a year. Make 40 calls and it’s 200 deals. Make 100 calls and you’re in the $10million territory.

There’s no shortage of opportunity – there’s not enough doing the right activities. And if you want to be a successful estate agent the number one activity is making calls.

You can meet Alexander Phillips at EA Masterclass on 11th October and again at EA Masters on 12th October. He’s going to show you how he does it, how he plans his day, how he structures his calls. He’ll also show you how he converts more appointments to instructions than anyone else. And how he gets a higher fee. And how he gets more deals through to completion. You can get to meet him by clicking here.

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