Wow or Whim?

The principle business development model that The Property Academy uses to help agents achieve record profits, consistent growth and maximum business value, is called “People, Systems, Brand”.

These main headings cover nearly all the key facets a successful business needs to get right. Within each are several additional models and the foundational one under “Brand” is our Marketing Pyramid. Every single marketing initiative and communication can be put into one of the three sections – it’s either an Essential, a Nice to Have, or, (an attempt at), a Wow. But how often do Wows truly wow? And at what price their pursuit?

If you truly have a Wow product or service then it’s completely understandable and highly appropriate to market and promote it extensively. However, in the vast majority of cases, what a business owner thinks is a Wow, is in actual fact a Whim. I suppose it all depends on how you define a Wow – for me it’s something that literally causes someone to respond by saying, or thinking, “Wow”, and then still thinking it several days later, whereas a “Whim” is something that initially excites but on closer inspection, or proper reflection, is in fact underwhelming.

In my opinion, too much time and effort is spent on the pursuit of marketing Wows and Nice to Haves rather than proper investment in the essentials. When we work with an agent we start with our diagnostic checklist that includes the following top 5 essentials:

  1. Website
  2. Boards
  3. First Touch (the response to a call, email, web/social enquiry or walk in)
  4. Data base/CRM
  5. Portal strategy

Until these are all optimised to their maximum we advise ignoring all the other essentials, (there are 10), never mind the Nice to Haves and Wows.

If you’d like to discuss how we can assist you to be more profitable and to grow consistently using our “People, Systems, Brand” model (that’s been proven by many leading agents such as Romans, Greene & Co and Keatons to name just three) please get in touch.

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