Numbers or Stories?

Now here’s a timely question for your team as we approach the year end: “Will you show me your numbers, or will you tell me your stories?”

Here are the top 20 reasons I’ve heard from people who aren’t achieving what they hoped for:

1. Brexit
2. The economy
3. Uncertain times
4. Unrealistic targets
5. Lack of stock
6. Cheaper competition
7. Pressure on fees
8. Lack of seller motivation
9. Lack of buyer motivation
10. Lack of landlords
11. Lack of tenants
12. Tenant fee ban
13. Changing legislation
14. The weather
15. The media
16. The government
17. How hard it is to recruit good people
18. How hard it is to get rid of poor performers
19. How hard it is
20. All the above and then some on top

But when I ask our members who have smashed their 2017 targets, “how did you do it?”, they reply:

1. I have a clear plan for the year broken down into quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals
2. The whole team prospect every day, minimum of 45 minutes each
3. I have a great network to help me achieve my goals
4. I’m constantly learning new ideas to implement into my business
5. I’m always being challenged to push further
6. I’ve got someone to bounce off, to get feedback from
7. I’m inspired to be the best that I can be, every single day

We’re going to work with our members throughout next year to help them have their best year yet and achieve numbers they’re thrilled to show – call me on 01372 370815 if you’d like to join some of the best estate agents in the UK and have your best year yet.

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