The Perfect Question

I want you to imagine I’m your number one target – I own the best property, on the best road in your area and I’m going to instruct an agent to sell/let it. And after you’ve made your pitch at the market appraisal I say, “Well thanks for that. Now I’ve seen a number of estate agents, so tell me, why should I use you?”

What’s your answer?

I’ve asked over one hundred agents this question and all too often they can’t answer me in a clear and compelling way. They mumble meaningless nominalisations or start repeating aspects of their service they’ve already listed out. And yet the perfect response is something everyone can/should/must learn, but before you can give a “perfect” answer you must first ask the “perfect” question.

It starts by understanding what matters most to the customer. And the simplest and most effective way to find that out is to ask a question that was introduced to me by Phil Hesketh, one of our most popular speakers. And it’s so simple that many people reject it – they say, “it can’t be that easy”, but it is.

At the beginning of the appraisal ask, “What’s the most important thing to you about this move/let?” And then shut up and listen. Because the answer to this question will enable you to deliver a presentation that’s totally attuned to their priorities and the things that matter most to them. So often agents feel they need to cover every issue, when in fact they only need to address what matters most to the customer – and this perfect question (Phil calls it a “killer” question) will reveal all.

Phil Hesketh teaches our members 50 different “killer” questions. He’s one of 70 brilliant speakers we’ve assembled for our Mastermind Groups. We only have 20 new memberships available for 2018 so let me ask you a question: Are you ready to take a step up and be the best that you can be?

Now, before you answer, read this extract from an email I received last week from one of our members:

“My involvement with The Property Academy has brought significant benefits to both me personally and my business. I feel the most energised about my business at the moment and far more so than I have felt for many years. I see my membership as being critical to shaping my business for my remaining working years such that I can optimise its performance and empower good estate agents to either run it for me or to be seen as valuable assets for an acquirer.”

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