Perfect Time

Last Tuesday, the lead news story on the BBC news website was how, on average, operating theatres waste two hours a day (full article here).

This got me thinking about how much time is lost every day in our sector and how much extra productivity and more importantly, improved performance, can be achieved by having a structured day/week/month and also by some operational changes that form part of our Summit Group check list.

Working with some of the very best estate agents both in Australia and in the UK I’ve noticed they all structure their day in the same way. In simple terms it’s like this:

Morning – Prospecting, Client contact, Appointment Making.
Afternoon – Appointments, Market Appraisals and Viewings.

And they never deviate from this. They start every day with a 45 minute prospecting session, regardless of the market conditions. Then they chase down the viewings from yesterday and seek to solicit offers/feedback to then put to/discuss with their clients. The afternoon has been sold out by the day prior, each appointment slot is “sold” to the best prospect.

By contrast, the poorer performers leave everything to chance. They prospect if they have enough time or if the stock situation is critical. They’ll make appointments for any time that suits the customer without regard or respect for their own time. They’ll do crazy things like arrange a dozen or more viewings on the same property at different times whereas the most successful agents will set two “open for inspection” slots at the commencement of marketing and seek to have 10,20 or more people view in a 30-45 minute appointment and only then have private, second viewings with qualified buyers/tenants.

Whilst 80% of days are the same, a fifth are different by virtue of including other tasks such as planning,team reviews and system improvement. Plus time is also identified and allocated for strategic thinking and business growth. Our Summit Group members will plan out the perfect day, week, month, quarter and year for themselves and for their businesses – past members will testify just how valuable this is and how, on average, there’s a least a daily two hour dividend.

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