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The Best Estate Agent Guide website launches this morning – showcasing the top 20% of estate agent branches in the country.

Judging by the overall response at the EA Masters event last Friday there are many happy agents this morning, thrilled to have the ability to prove they’re one of the very best. So what do they have and more importantly what do they do that the 80% don’t do or don’t do consistently? Let me show you the top 10 differentiators between Ordinary and Exceptional.

1. Special Greeting – every caller is made to feel if they are the most important person who’s made contact that day. Email enquiries are individually and personally replied to within the hour, often within 5 minutes by having a proper response system in place.

2. The customers’ questions are answered or answers are found. Additionally, the caller is asked more questions, the exceptional agents diagnose before they prescribe.

3. Every property has a minimum of 5 images, sometime 10+, all professionally taken and showing off a property in its best light.

4. Every property, for sale or to let, has a floor plan which is scalable, clear and easy to view on a mobile and tablet as well as a desktop.

5. The exceptional agents generate more viewings per property than their competitors. We assessed this with online viewings as these typically will translate into physical ones.

6. Likewise they generate more enquiries/leads. Ultimately, the more interst in a property, the more likely it will sell/let and for the best price.

7. Talking of price, the best estate agents price correctly whereas some others will position properties at any level to either please their clients or to win instructions. This practice leads to reductions and worse a failure to sell.

8. Another area where the exceptional agents were clearly able to be identified was fall through rates – the best are much lower.

9. The ultimate test and measurement – did the property sell or let? The exceptional achieve a higher completion rate.

10. In summary, the exceptional agents do the ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Your Rightmove account managers can give you a copy of your performance summary and you can purchase your mystery shop reports directly from the Property Academy. You can also purchase copies of the latest Home Moving Trends, Landlord and Tenant surveys which will highlight the things the consumer feels are most important.

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