Landlords Priorities

At the EA Masters on 22nd September, I’ll be giving a presentation with insights from four major surveys:

  • The Best Estate Agent Guide (assessment of 26,000 branches)
  • Home Moving Trends 2017 (feedback from 5,838 current and recent home sellers)
  • Landlord 2017 (feedback from 5,850 landlords)
  • Tenant 2017 (feedback from 8,815 tenants)

Everyone attending on the day will receive a free copy of the executive summary of these surveys and to whet your appetite here’s one insight from our analysis of landlords.

The top three concerns landlords have are:

  • That the property will let without void periods (26%)
  • That the tenant does not damage the property (26%)
  • That the tenant pays on time (24%)

I doubt this comes as a surprise to any of you. But significantly, different profiles of landlords have different priorities and we observe:

  • The more experienced a landlord is the more concerned they are about void periods.
  • Those landlords who have been a landlord for less than five years, and have just one property, are most concerned about damage.
  • Those with just one property are more worried about tenants paying late than those with two or more properties let.

What this should cause you to consider is how you communicate with each of these different landlord groups. Our survey suggests a “one size fits all” approach will not be as effective as addressing the individual primary concern of each landlord profile.

At time of writing there are just 100 day only and full event tickets still available to the EA Masters (starting from £199+VAT). The value of the survey reports alone is covered by the ticket price and in addition you get to see 18 world class speakers, industry leaders and legends plus an innovation hall with 13 additional presentations and 40 exhibitors. So if you want to come to the most important estate agency event of the year book here now.

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