“I am still learning.”

It is reported that in his 88th and final year Michelangelo said: “I am still learning” and whilst this quote’s authenticity is highly questionable, the fact it’s so widely reported is testament to its believability, after all his genius is undisputed.

And whilst I’m not for one second suggesting I be compared with one of the half dozen greatest people to have ever lived I do subscribe to the idea of learning something new each and every day and fully expect to continue with this practice until my final year, final day even.

So my question to you is, what have you learned this week, in the last month, past year? And if you’re scratching your head and having to think really hard about it then I have a suggestion for you. How about cramming a whole year’s learning into one day?

You see on the 22nd September we’ve assembled a wealth of talent for the EA Masters conference and here’s what you will learn:

  • Josh Phegan will describe the habits, rituals and behaviours of Australia’s Number one estate agent who earned $10million personal commission last year (Josh coaches him every week)
  • Tamara Lohan will tell her story of founding hotel directory, ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ and how she developed a digital “disruptor” brand in a traditional sector
  • Richard Mullender will recount his negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan, resulting in hostages being released and how his negotiating techniques can be applied to business
  • Julian Treasure‘s TED.com talk has been viewed by 20 million people and this is an incredible opportunity to learn live and in person how to speak so that people want to listen
  • Dean O’Brien founded his eponymous agency in Melbourne seven years ago and now has 20 highly profitable offices – he will share his success strategies
  • Matthew Syed will describe the common traits that exceptional individuals in sport, leadership and business all share and how everyone can apply them – it’s nurture not nature
  • Darren Shirlaw has called every boom/bust market over 25 years and he will show you where we are right now and what every business needs to be doing next
  • And some bloke called Peter Knight will be sharing insights from the biggest assessment of the industry ever undertaken to create the Best Estate Agent Guide and what the Exceptional agents do that the others don’t

As if this line up wasn’t enough there’s a panel of industry Leaders & Legends comprising:

  • Dale Norton, founder of Romans who built his agency from scratch to a value of £55million
  • Jane Gardner, past winner of Lettings Agency of the Year and now marketing and business advisor to many agents
  • Lucy Pendleton, cofounder of multi-award-winning James Pendleton
  • Eric Walker, who sold Bushells and now runs Northwood
  • Simon Bradbury, director of Thomas Morris and active industry campaigner
  • Katie Griffin, owner of Sawdye & Harris and President of the NAEA
  • Kevin Hollinrake, Chairman of Hunters and MP who’s just tabled a parliamentary debate on tenants fees
  • Jon Cooke, founder of Intercounty and Fine & Country and now CEO of EasyProperty
  • David Faulkner from Auckland, one of New Zealand’s leaders in Property Management

PLUS our special conference host to be announced in the next few days!

Just think what you can learn from these 18 world class Speakers, Leaders & Legends and all for just £199+VAT – you can book a whole year’s learning here.

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