In Search of the Exceptional

The creation of the Best Estate Agent Guide can only be described as “herculean” – analysing 3 billion data sets and carrying out 30,000 mystery shops is on a scale that nothing else; no awards, review site or other method of comparison, gets close to.

But what has it revealed other than the top 20% of estate agent branches? We’ve summarised it in a 3 minute video and with a few short sentences:

Exceptional estate agents have market knowledge, perception, insight.
They go the extra mile, to extraordinary lengths.
Seeing what others can’t, they never give up the chase.
Pull their weight, negotiate, dedicate, relate.
They know it’s more than a roof, bricks or an address and that they hold the keys to futures, to growing up, to growing old.

This is the essence of the exceptional and we’ve captured it in this video:

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