Lessons from Mr & Mrs Smith

Mr & Mrs SmithWe’ve got an awesome line up for the EA Masters on 22nd September comprising nine world-class, award-winning speakers plus a further nine industry leaders and legends – there’s never been an estate agency event like it.

One speaker I’m particularly looking forward to learning from is Tamara Lohan MBE, the Founder and CTO of bestselling hotel guide “Mr & Mrs Smith” who will be talking about how to build a digital brand and disrupting an established market – very topical for the 1,000 estate agents attending! Here’s one of her key points that I believe is applicable to every business.

In summary it’s this – “Little Details, Big Difference.”

Mr & Mrs Smith doesn’t list whether a hotel has a trouser press or room service but instead describes how intimate the bar is, what the signature martini consists of, the thread count of the cotton sheets and whether two people can fit into the bath at the same time! Tamara Lohan and her husband set out to create a guide that is truly useful in finding the perfect hotel for the intimate break and they knew that what people wanted to know were these sorts of things, not the typical list of services that most hotel guides provide.

They’ve done three things brilliantly well:

  1. They’ve identified their specific target audience – people looking for an intimate break.
  2. They know what motivates and matters to this target audience and then provide them with relevant information.
  3. They ignore all the other target audiences – the business traveller, the conference organiser, the culture seeking tourist and all the others – they solely focus on people looking for somewhere for what used to be called “a dirty weekend.”

This is the key lesson for businesses today – differentiate or die. You can’t be all things to all people. Much better to find your niche and then deliver to it brilliantly well.

There are eight other speakers plus our nine leaders and legends at the EA Masters – it’s an event where you’ll learn more in one day than you have in years. Book your tickets here.

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