Lessons from the Guide

After analysing 3 billion data sets and carrying out 30,000 mystery shops it’s fair to say we’re very aware of the current state of play in the the estate agency industry.

And we’ll be sharing many insights at the EA Masters on 22nd September but as a taster here are some key points:

1. The Best do the ordinary things extraordinarily well.

The top 1% answer every call within three rings. They reply to emails during within minutes. They answer the questions customers ask. They do the basics brilliantly.

2. Marketing that gets results.

The very best agents know that if a property is well presented and correctly priced it will attract more interest which in turn will typically generate more offers and more options for clients to consider. They have a minimum of five, professionally taken, photographs per property and typically have 10-15. They always have floor plans, regardless of whether the properties are for sale or to let. They refresh each property listing on their web site and on the portals every 10 days, altering the photographs and rewriting copy. The agents that do these things get more online viewings and more leads which in turn will almost certainly generate more physical viewings and offers.

3. They understand the customer is four-dimensional

The service delivered is the same for tenants as for landlords, for applicant buyers as it is for sellers. The best agents treat all enquiries the same – and superbly. By contrast, many other agents clearly prioritise landlords and sellers without realising that many of these people are also buyers and tenants. Indeed, our latest Landlord & Tenant survey show that 11% of landlords are also tenants.

If you haven’t done so already you can find out if one or more of your branches will appear in the Best Estate Agent Guide here and you can get tickets to attend the EA Masters here.

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