Achieving Exceptional Performance

We’ve almost concluded the assessment for the Best Estate Agent Guide and you will be advised shortly if one or more of your branches have been rated as being in the Top 20% in the country.

Of course, being included within The Best Estate Agent Guide is in itself a brilliant achievement, but the assessment goes further and ranks branches as being either Highly Rated, Excellent or Exceptional. So what does it take to be Exceptional?

I’ll be discussing this in detail at the EA Masters on 22nd September but thought I’d share one key insight exclusively with you.

Let’s get one thing really clear. Those branches that have been assessed as Exceptional are in the Top 5%, they are the very best at either sales or lettings. But this isn’t because they have a secret weapon or formula, they just do the ordinary things extraordinarily well.

The Best Estate Agent Guide has three key parts to the assessment: Marketing, Service and Performance.

Under Performance we looked to see the success rate of each branch – how many of the properties listed were let or sold? And how did this compare against their peers within the same geographical area? We also considered the time taken from listing to offer accepted and again compared this with each branch’s competition.

With Marketing we looked at how many online viewings each property had and then the key influencers of viewing numbers including things such as photographs and floor plans.

And for Service we carried out over 30,000 mystery shops, some branches had seven, all those who made the shortlist a minimum of three, and noted whether our calls and questions were answered.

This is all basic stuff, I’m sure you agree, and what the assessment has highlighted is that those EAs assessed as Exceptional do the basics really, really well. They’ve achieved their preeminent position by consistently delivering the essential aspects of estate agency not because they’ve got something others haven’t. In other words, every single branch in the UK can be Exceptional, including you.

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