A Seat at the Table

fouri_151_a-seat-at-the-tableMany of the very best ideas are also the simplest and I’m grateful to one of our Group Members, Alison Nunez, Divisional Managing Director, Lettings & Management at Andrews for sharing her brilliant tip for making sure meetings stay properly focussed.

Whether Alison is meeting with two people or twenty plus she always makes sure there’s one extra chair at the table. And here’s why:

If the meeting discussion is going too inward, too self-centred, as many meetings do in my experience, Alison just points to the empty chair and asks, “what does the customer think and feel about this?”  And that turns the conversation around and makes sure it’s customer-centric which nearly every meeting should be.

A brilliant and simple idea that doesn’t cost a penny – thank you Alison.

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